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I am a weak-end pilot. I have a sectional chart. Colour me stupid/sceptical (2023)
metal, paper, wood, monoprint, spray paint, oil paint

Vitrine ballet 1: I still listen to New Metal (2023)
Oil paint, fabric, wood, perspex, acrylic paint

Suitor, Rory-Biddulph, watercolour painting on paper

Suitor (2022)

50.5 x 40.5cm

Watercolour on paper

Concrete, china marker, charcoal, oil paint, wood, foam, metal, paper

Rory Biddulph, drawing, Bodybuilder / Mother with child

Bodybuilder / Mother with child (2023)

each 45 x 45cm

China marker on paper

OG.1 (2023)
Concrete, metal, paper, paint

Rory Biddulph, oil painting, Carnival (2023)

Carnival (2023)

110 x 90cm

Oil paint, oil stick, acrylic and emulsion on canvas

Still Life (2023)
43 x 53 x 20cm
China marker, charcoal and oil paint on wood

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