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The John Moores Painting Prize (2020) 12.2.2021 - 27.6.2021, The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Why Do You Give Me No Answer? 7.05.2021 - 17.05.2021, s-l-i-c-e, Ufer Studios, Berlin

Abel Auer

Rory Biddulph

Kamilla Bischof

Lisa Herfeldt

Paula Kamps

Simon Olley

Harriet Poznansky

Max Schmidtlein

Stefan Thater





Rory Biddulph is a visual artist born in Britain and based in Berlin, Germany. He studied at the Slade School of Fine Art (2013-2015). Previous exhibition highlights include the Adrian Carruthers Award (2015), The Clifford Chance Purchase Prize (2016 ) and the XL Catlin Art Prize (2016). He will be included in the John Moores Painting Prize 2020.






Rory Biddulph is the co-founder of s-l-i-c-e, a curatorial partnership which currently runs exhibitions in the spring, summer and winter out of Ufer Studios, Berlin. 


To find out more about s-l-i-c-e and the upcoming program please visit:



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